William Tours accepts that organizations need a social Furthermore Ecological obligation that dives Past present-day enactment. We strive to guarantee that travel need a sure sway ahead nearby groups What's more eco-systems. We bring thusly voluntarily created An ‘Travellers Code’ which gives a all frameworks about our commitments will our guests, employees, partners, nearby groups and the nature's domain. Over brief, we are conferred to:

Environmental responsibility:

1. William Tours `Sri Lanka Advice’ offers tips and guidelines to all travellers on how to avoid causing negative impacts on environmental eco-systems and advice on how they can make best use of local services. In particular, we encourages water and electricity conservation. Travellers are provided information on waste pollution and also urged to be careful when shopping not to encourage unsustainable practices such as illegal logging and coral reef mining.

2. William Tours actively engages with all the hotels and guesthouses each year to discuss ways in which the ecological footprint of guests can be reduced, for example through towel folding rather than daily washing and using solar power for water heating. We communicate our belief that environmental responsibility is essential to tourism’s sustainability and are encouraging sustainable practice by introducing a Green Hotel Guide in 2005 to help environmentally conscious travellers select their accommodation. This voluntary guide will identify Sri Lanka hotel's that are tackling environmental and conservation issues seriously.

3. William Tours adheres to sustainable office practices, both in Sri Lanka and the United Kingdom. We re-use and recycle paper and print cartridges. We reduce paper waste by avoiding unnecessary printouts. We use a website and e-mail as our primary marketing platform and avoid the publication of glossy brochures and mailshots. We do not spam. We provide sales consultants with the necessary equipment required to work from home when possible to reduce transport.

Social responsibility:

1. We avoids large package groups – with the exception of cricket tours – and encourages `small group travel’ which provides a richer travelling experience and prevents local communities in remote regions for being overrun.

2. We actively supports various local development projects (see above). In the aftermath of the Asian Tsunami we are working in particular with Friends of the South, a Galle-based charity managing small-scale community projects.

3. We will offer advice on and help arrange destination visits to local social development projects if requested by the client.

4. We provides all clients with up-to-date pre-departure information that address important social and cultural issues and help our clients be aware of local customs.