One of the main reasons for making Sri Lanka a favourite destination for tourists around the world is the beautiful and wonderful beaches that you can find all around the coastline. Sri Lanka is also a hub for marine life because of its unique position in the Indian Ocean, which makes it an ideal spot for scuba diving and snorkeling. With this article we would like to provide you a quick overview on snorkeling in Sri Lanka, where to go and what to expect. Before we talk about snorkeling in Sri Lanka let’s see what is meant by snorkeling and how it is different from scuba diving; both these activities are quite similar in purpose and both are popular tourists’ activities in Sri Lanka.

In snorkeling you only use a special tube called snorkel to breathe when you are submerged, while you require special equipments for scuba diving. The advantages of snorkeling includes relatively low cost and the ease of doing it, however while you snorkel you definitely have to stick to the surface.

Pigeon Island is regarded as one of the best places for snorkeling in Sri Lanka. This island is located close to Trincomalee, which is a popular destination for tourists that holds many other attractions as well. The area surrounding Pigeon Island is also the second marine sanctuary in Sri Lanka. While it is a good spot for snorkeling, the island itself is worth seeing too.

Another one of the best places for snorkeling in Sri Lanka is Mirissa beach. This beach found in the southern parts of Sri Lanka stretches from East to West; it is one of the best beaches in the country. It is a very good spot for snorkeling in Sri Lanka. You can spot sea creatures such as octopus, sepias, sea turtles, etc. However you should be mindful of the surfers who may be already on the waters. It is best to avoid snorkeling during the surfing season that extends from November to April and the monsoon season that will hit the west coast from July to September.

This blog should have instructed a great deal about snorkeling in Sri Lanka. By now you should know some of the popular spots for snorkeling in the island, and should have a general idea of what time to visit these places. Snorkeling is an excellent option if you are fascinated with the many wonders of underwater wildlife and are reluctant to pay the expenses and go through the hassle of scuba diving.

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