To most people, archery means Robin Hood and Little John shooting at the Sheriff’s men in Sherwood Forest, but the sport has moved a long way since then. The skill is much the same, but the equipment has changed a great deal. The old longbow has gone, to be replaced by bows getting their power from fibre-glass and sending their aluminium arrows at over 200 kmph.

The sport in Sri Lanka has caught up with the demands of modern spots with it being an Olympic discipline. Although archery has been in existence for about ten years in Sri Lanka, a permanent range has never been put up to train the talented archers.

Colombo Archery Schools a private club that was inaugurated in 2007 opened a range at the CR & FC ground. This archery range is also of international standard. Such ranges are available only in Dakha and Kolkatta and now in Sri Lanka in the South Asian region.

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